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"My mission is to share my love and compassion so I can inspire others to pursue inner freedom and peace moving through life journey."

My name is Julia. I am a digital entrepreneur, a wife and a full-time mom of two beautiful kids.

My passions are travelling, nature and all aspects of personal and spiritual growth.

My mission is to help women who stuck at a crossroads in their lives, unsure which way to go ( like I once was), to rediscover their true value and potential, so they can live flourishing fulfilled lives based on purpose and freedom. I would like to help them to open their mind to enormous opportunities that the modern digital economy has to offer.  I want to inspire and serve people, so they can become a better version of themselves and create more stability in life whilst following their passion.

If you feel like the time has come to change your life if you want to provide a better future for your family if you are seeking the transformation within yourself than I have something to share with you. There has never been a better time to explore digital business opportunities and become an online entrepreneur.

I would be happy to guide you on your path to online entrepreneurship with an amazing digital marketing education program that helps thousands of people to create a successful online business from scratch.

There is an incredible community to join, mentors to guide you and live events to inspire you.

All you'll need is a working computer, a decent internet connection and the commitment to achieve your goals.

With my mentors at SFM live event

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