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Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my website!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Julia. Originally Russian I grew up in Lithuania and have been living in London for the last 16 years. At the moment I am a full-time mum of two beautiful kids, my son is 9 and my sweet pea baby girl is 4 y/o.

For the last few years, while working in a big media company, I felt like the job that I have been doing didn’t have a meaning to me anymore. It was a comfortable and secure employment but meaningless and with no prospects of professional or personal growth. I hesitated to make a move but life itself had decided for me. My company was sold and more than half of the staff was made redundant. I was one of them. I took this change in my life as a blessing, something that I was craving for but was too scared to take that step.

At the same time at the beginning of 2018, I had to face devastating news about my little daughter's health condition. A genetic disorder that may affect numerous aspects of her life. Words can't describe what I've been going through during that time. There was the whole spectrum of feelings that any mother would have; from complete desperation, darkness, feeling of guilt, feeling of being trapped, self-pity to a strong, impregnable desire to fight for your child, to do everything that is in my power to give her a chance for a better, fuller life.

During that hard period of my life, I felt that I needed something to keep me going, to stay sane. I had to find answers to why this was happening to me, how did I deserve it. I started to read spiritual books, watch mindset videos, meditate, pray. All these practices made me realise that in order to help my daughter I have to stay mentally stable, healthy and to remain ME - a loving and caring mum but also a woman with her own life, desires and interests. I felt an incredible connection with my little princess and it became obvious that when I was happy, she was happy too.

The reality hit me. I had to stay at home and care for my baby girl and there was no chance of me getting even a part-time position for the time being. It also became clear I didn't want to go back to the same industry, to the corporate environment, long commute and the feeling of being a hamster in a hamster wheel. The BIG question was WHAT DO I WANT then and even bigger one WHO AM I? While dealing with my girl's condition, being unemployed and watching my life taking a dramatic change, I had a sense that I lost my identity. Who am I apart from being a full-time mum and a housewife...?

I know now that there are no mistakes or coincidences in the Universe. Everything in this life has its purpose, it's time and its way. Once the time was right and I was ready I met my mentors, the community and the educational program that gave me an amazing opportunity to change my life and to start my own online business based on my interests and passions. I finally started to feel like I was getting back to my true self. Going through the educational digital marketing program gave me exactly what I've been searching for. It provides me with new skills which are invaluable in nowadays digital world, it pushes me to rediscover myself, to find my true strengths and abilities, overcome limited believes and puts my mindset in the right direction. The amount of support I receive from my mentors and the community is enormous and it makes the learning process super enjoyable and fulfilling. The inspiring success stories make me believe that anyone can meet their full potential and achieve the life they truly desire and deserve.

Now I can see clearly where I'd like to be. The ultimate goal is a financial, time and geographical freedom for me and my family and I know I can reach that by doing small steps every day with an open heart and mind!