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How to get into creative flow in life and in business

If I am totally honest, sometimes it is so hard for me to come up with a content idea. I can sit in front of the blank Word doc for a long time and stare at it without a single dissent idea for my blog post or my next digital marketing campaign. Usually, these stuck moments happen on the days when I am not present when my head is full of noise, rubbish, and disruption. When it is time for writing, those distracting thoughts just don’t allow me to think clearly and express myself the way I would like to.

No matter what you do in your life or business the best results come when you act from the place of balance, a union between your heart and mind. People may call it different ways, but in my humble opinion, creative flow is a synergy between the mind and the heart. It is when you are fully emotionally involved and immersed in the process of activity, which brings fulfillment and enjoyment.

So what to do to make those creative juices flowing?

how to get into creative flow
how to get into the creative flow

PRACTICE MINDFULNESS. I know, everyone around keeps talking about mindfulness, but much fewer people really understand it and apply. I would just suggest paying attention to what you see, hear, read and talk about with other people. When you are on auto-pilot you can miss the information jewels. The creative idea might escape your notice while you are busy traveling to your past or future. To be able to catch that moment of inspiration that can come out of (for example) a conversation with your kid you have to be present.

Conscious awareness is the key to everyday flow, for if you are present in and of the moment you absorb the things around you more easily and your mind is quick to process the information in terms of how you can best apply it to skill.

HAVE “MY IDEAS” NOTEBOOK OR USE A VOICE RECORDER. This one is an extension to the first As soon as you heard, read or saw something that could potentially be developed into a piece of content or could be applied in your business, write it down. The even quicker way is to use a voice recording app or device. After it’s written down or recorded, the brain is free to form another idea.

KNOW WHAT YOU ARE AIMING FOR? It’s good to know what you are ultimately aiming for in anything you are dedicating your time and effort to, whether it is specific like a deadline project or more elusive like wanting to write a novel. You have to start with a goal. Your bigger “Why’s” must be motivating and pushing you through any obstacles and helping you to avoid deadlocks in creativity.

move your body to keep the creativity flow
keep the creativity flow

GET UP AND MOVE YOUR BODY. Whenever you feel a creative block get up and move your body so the creative juices can start to flow again. My favorite thing is to put some dance music on and dance like no one’s watching. You can pull out the yoga mat and practice a few inversion poses. It can improve mood and bring fresh, energized blood flow to the brain. Nature is also a great source of inspiration, so go for a brisk walk through the woods or a gentle run.

PERFECT IMPERFECT ACTIONS. Perfectionism can be the enemy of creativity. Keep creating and allow yourself to get into the flow of your work. Don’t let the fear of not being perfect to stop your creative actions. It is perfect to be imperfect. It shows that you are a human and mistakes can happen, but keeping the creative process flow will eventually lead to success.

LET GO OF EXPECTATIONS. As you battle through your creative process, let yourself embrace the essence of your journey without expecting any particular outcome. If you keep your heart and mind on the journey, the destination will eventually reveal itself. You can’t let expectations prevent you from achieving something unexpected. Your inspiration may lead you to make something very different from what you first envisioned, and that’s okay.

BE PREPARED TO GET INTO THE FLOW. Allocate your supplies and enough time to get immersed in the creative flow. Literally, schedule uninterrupted time to get creative. It could be 30 min or 3 hours spent solely on the creative process. Minimize distraction, intend to focus on just your creation, don’t multi-task. Don’t be discouraged if sometimes you spend whole designated time on just a few scribbles. Frequent practice will create space for you to express more and more freely.

In the end, I would say, you can’t control, push or fight your way into achieving flow, it happens when you stop controlling and start encouraging.

“Creativity is like washing a pig. It’s messy. It has no rules. No clear beginning, middle or end. It’s kind of a pain in the ass, and when you’re done, you’re not sure if the pig is really clean or even why you were washing a pig in the first place.” — Luke Sullivan

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