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How to remove money blocks and ease the flow of financial abundance

Our relationship with money starts in childhood, earlier than we can imagine. The actual concept of money could not even form in our mind yet, but we absorb a particular attitude to money from our parents.

For some people, it can be quite traumatic memories, when they observed parents arguing about lack of money or kept hearing from parents “We don’t have money for this…” Some grew up with a mindset that money is evil, that rich people are dishonest and mean. These beliefs, perceptions and negative emotions turned into unconscious money blocks with time.  

Everyone has his/her own stories about money. My one is that I and my sister got everything we needed and wanted most of the time; toys, clothes, food, etc. However, I remember that our family was constantly on the saving mode and my mother would buy firstly things I and my sister needed and scarify her own needs. We would need to save money for a few months to buy something for our home, like a new washing machine or a TV. Dad has always had two jobs, one main 9 to 5 and one on the side. He is a talented electrician. He still has his rainy-day savings. I inherited this strain from him.

I grew up with a mindset that I can get money only if I work a “normal” (this is the word my mother would use to describe a profession like a lawyer or an accountant) job or marry a rich guy. I always had a feeling that money is something hard to get, that I might not deserve it, that it is almost shameful to have a lot of money.

money saving mode
money-saving mode

Only some time ago I started to investigate what is the real relationship I have with money, why I have it and how to improve the situation. I learned that money is the energy that works according to the law of attraction, when like attracts like. Scarcity and limitation thinking attracts scarcity and limitation, abundance mindset brings abundance.

There are a lot of reasons, in other words, money blocks that sit in our mind that don’t allow the energy to come through therefore we don’t get what we desire even though we think about it all the time. These are some of them:

  • Self-worth: when a person feels uncomfortable in receiving money or asking for it when he/she deserve it
  • Self-evaluation: when a person compares his/her financial situation to others and always seeks what other people have
  • Ungratefulness: when a person doesn’t appreciate what he/she has already
  • Self-sabotage: when a person feels uncomfortable about having money, so he/she gets rid of them, spends on things he/she doesn’t need

I would like to share with you a technique that I am using to remove money blocks. I learned this from one of the webinars through my digital marketing studying platform. I have to admit my first thought was that this was too easy to be true, however, I was curious to try it. Shortly I started to notice that money flows much easier to me than before. I welcomed with joy even the smallest things like finding coins in the pockets of my old clothes, not to mention much more substantial sums that started to appear in my life almost unexpectedly.

money flow
money flow

This technique is an ancient Hawaiian healing method called Ho’oponopono which is based on several easy mantras. Easy, but profound. Ho’oponopono teaching like many other spiritual masters teaches that we are ALL ONE and all problems, as well as all solutions, originate from within us. The Ho’oponopono mantras deliver the essence of many ancient teachings: The Power of Taking Responsibility (for your own powers), The Power of Gratitude and The Power of Love.

The mantras are:


You can practice it as a meditation going deep into your first memories about money. Try to remember the moments, events, but most important feelings from your childhood. It could be about your first savings or how you were jealous of a toy that your friend had, but your parents couldn’t buy the same for you.

 Say in your mind or out loud these 4 mantras a few times after each memory. The sequence of saying the mantras is not important.

From childhood memories move on to teenage years, your 20-ties, 30-ties and so on until the present moment. Bring up in your mind those events and negative emotions connected to money; your first job, worries about a student loan, etc.  I know it might not be very pleasant to think about your very first or current nasty boss or the fear of asking for a pay rise. However, this is the healing process where you clear the energy blocks, remove negativity by repeating Ho’oponopono mantras after each memory.

Emotional charge strengthens the cleaning and healing effect. Nothing heals more powerfully and on a very deep level as unconditional love.

You can apply this method to any situation or aspect of your life that you would like to improve. Ho’oponopono is a method of creating a perfect order and balance to heal a situation.

Consistency is the key! You have to practice Ho’oponopono technique on a regular basis, every day for as long as you can. It can be 10-15 min a day.

Every time you see money coming in, thank the Universe. You will be surprised how shifting your energy expands your capacity to be grateful and the Universe rewards gratitude.

In the end, I would like to add that money certainly can enrich your life, but the true abundance comes from within each of us. I wish you to discover your inner abundance and everything you desire will follow.

With much love


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