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Life challenges. A punishment or an opportunity? My journey.

Have you ever asked yourself why do people have challenges in their lives? Is there a reason, a purpose? How does a person deserve to experience tough times? Could it be a lesson, karma, a punishment or maybe an opportunity to wake up…? Everyone will see life challenges from their personal perspective. Going through life-changing events myself, I can definitely say that challenges are a massive wake up call to make a shift in the mindset and discover the true self.

Have you ever felt trapped?

My name is Julia. I am 37 years young. I live in London with my husband and two beautiful children. I was born in Russia and grew up in Lithuania. I’ve spent 12 years working in media companies. Although I enjoyed working in media, and certainly that was a great life experience, deep down I knew that it wasn’t what I meant to do in my life. THERE IS SOMETHING MORE. Something that is missing, which brings fulfillment and purpose. Something that will help me to find TRUE ME and unlock my hidden strengths and talents. I started to follow different spiritual teachings, practices and mindset gurus to find answers. But I still couldn’t figure out what exactly am I looking for…?

Then life itself decided to make changes for me, as I was too scared and uncertain to do it myself. In the middle of 2018, I lost my job and my one-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. For about eight months I’ve been feeling completely lost, torn apart, desperate, paralyzed and trapped. Three things helped me to stay sane during that period of time; enormous support from my family, taking just one day at a time (no time travel to the future or the past) and knowing that the time will come when I get a grip, fix my mindset and act. By shifting my mindset and putting things into action I will be able to help myself and most importantly my daughter.

work from home
work from home

I always knew that a “housewife career” was not for me. My brain constantly seeks for some activity outside just a home routine. Taking into account the existing circumstances, where I have to look after my daughter full time, I had the only option to consider. Work from home.

But what could it be? Work for someone, but from the comfort of my own home and in my own time? That would mean report to a manager, meet the deadlines, wait for my paycheck…I’ve been there already. No, thanks! Or perhaps I could create an online business myself, couldn’t I…?

To be honest, in the past I resisted the idea of being an entrepreneur, a business owner. My husband has his own small business. I saw him struggling at times, stressing out about the money and lack of clients, tax returns and so on. I certainly didn’t want to go through what he’s been going through sometimes. I was sure that it was better to receive a regular salary and to forget about my job once I leave the office at 5.30 pm. I ignored the little voice in my head reminding me about the feeling of a small, insignificant nail in a huge machine, called a corporation, which doesn’t even know I exist.

How narrow-minded I was at that time. I understand now, to be your own boss can be the most fulfilling and rewarding thing in the world. Only limiting believes and self-doubts stop people from creating the life of their dream.

Nowadays the thriving digital economy gives everyone a great opportunity to create a profitable business around your passion and therefore to fulfill the life purpose. I strongly believe that everyone on this planet has his/her purpose. Making steps to the purposeful life means following your passion, your true self.

Since I’ve joined the group of mentors and the community of like-minded people from all around the globe I know that my life will never be the same.

My life challenges opened new horizons, showed me what I am made of and pushed me to pursue my dreams. I am lucky to be able to study digital marketing and gain new valuable skills from the best digital entrepreneurs. By writing this post I hope to touch someone’s heart. Perhaps someone is feeling like a victim of circumstances, feeling lost and scared to make the first step. Please check this On-Demand Workshop and it might change everything for you

For me, there are still a lot of things to learn, but I enjoy the learning process very much. My big WHYs keep me going no matter what towards the life I want to create for myself and my family.

With much love


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