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Making small steps towards your big goal – the recipe for success

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” —Chinese proverb  

We are programmed to always expect quick results. That is human nature to be quite impatient.  If we can’t see, feel, have the desired immediate result of our action we lose interest, get disappointed and put a label “it’s not working”. In order to be persistent in our actions and ultimately successful, we have to have faith, trust, and a strong belief in the process.

Then the next question is how can we trust the process? Uncertainty is something that is hard to accept. Lack of self-confidence creates limiting believes. The scarcity mindset makes us think that we are not worth, that we don’t deserve the best things in this life.

I think everyone has experienced at least one of the mentioned daunting feelings at some point. Whatever is the life you want to create, whatever is your biggest goal I bet now it looks enormous and hard to achieve? But having a clear, detailed vision of your BIG dream is a huge step forward. As per Tony Robbins: “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible”.

setting goals

I am creating my own online business. I want to be called a digital entrepreneur. The amount of knowledge, skills and the experience I need to obtain is huge. It often feels overwhelming. As a full-time mother, I had to come up with a strategy to cope with my business and my family commitments.

There is a great book written by Jeff Olson called “The Slight Edge”. The simple concept that the author talks about is the main part of my strategy. He talks about taking small steps that might feel insignificant, every day that will lead you to your dream life.

We need to break down our BIG FAT goal into small attainable chunks, which are easy to fit into hectic, over-scheduled days, which most of us face on a regular basis. It is much easier to eat the elephant in small bites than the whole in one go.

The advantage of small steps is that they help us to get started as they don’t look so intimidating. Once we are in motion it is easier to continue. There is no need to think about the project as a whole. We just need to focus on the single next thing that we can do to move that project forward.

Each step provides an opportunity to learn and adjust while feeling assured that no one step is going to bankrupt us or destroy the goodwill we’ve built.

Small steps help us create valuable habits, which help us achieve big goals.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

growing slowly but surely

 “That the things you do every single day, the things that don’t look dramatic, that don’t even look like they matter, do matter.  That they not only make a difference – they make all the difference.”

“About having faith in the process of simple, positive actions repeated over time—the faith that miracles do happen if you know when to trust the process and keep churning the cream.” 

“The slight edge can carve the Grand Canyon. It can do anything. But you have to give it enough time for the power of time to kick in.”

“No matter what you have done in your life up until today, no matter where you are and how far down you may have slid on the failure curve, you can start fresh, building a positive pattern of success, at any time. Including right now. But you need to have faith in the process because you won’t see it happening at first.” 

“Simple daily disciplines—little productive actions, repeated consistently over time—add up to the difference between failure and success.” 

Yet it is “So easy to do. So easy not to do.” For me, the best way to stay motivated and disciplined is seeing my goals coming true, constantly reminding myself WHY I am doing it.

Now I turn it over to you. What are your big goals in life? And what small steps can you take today to get you closer to meeting your big goals tomorrow?

With much love


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