the power of community of like-minded

The power of the community of like-minded

Today I had an amazing day! I finally personally met a great bunch of people who I feel connected to for about seven months now. You would ask me, what am I talking about?  I’d like to tell you my little story.

You know, being a full-time mom is 24/7 employment, where the kitchen is your main office, your baby’s afternoon naps are your lunch breaks, weekly update meetings are happening at the schoolyard with other moms and so on. I love my kids to the moon and back and will be there for them as long as they need me. I know raising children is an important mission, seeing my kids grow is a blessing.

However, the isolation that I faced when I became a full-time mom after leaving a professional career was brutal. It seems like I lost my identity, that part of me that can serve not only my family but the outside world as well.

I think the hardest for me was to lose the sense of community, the feeling that I belong. When I started to work on my own online business my main goal was to be able to earn money to take the financial pressure off my husband.  I just want him to be around and spend more time with us. I want to gain skills, education, and experience in something completely new to me, digital marketing.

I dove into an absolutely unknown area. I had a lot of fears, doubts, misbelieves and misconceptions. Part of me was telling me: “Why do you do that? You’ve done a variety of different courses and qualifications and have hardly ever used them. This might be the same case.”

be surrounded by like-minded
be surrounded by like-minded

I understood very quickly the difference between my previous studies and the digital marketing education that I am going through now. It is a community of like-minded. I couldn’t even imagine that by trying just to figure out how to earn extra money I obtain something so much greater.

It is an amazing feeling that there is always someone there for you all over the world, willing to help and support. We are all going through the same challenges, mental and technical. Someone is a few steps ahead, someone is a few steps behind. We are all driven by our BIG WHYs, Ideal Day vision and a firm intention to become the best version of ourselves.

Talking to community members, our talented mentors or support team, participating in educational webinars completely shifted my mindset and brought me to another level of self-development, not even mention the actual professional skills of being an online entrepreneur.

Although this is a virtual community and I’ve never met the majority of members or some people just once at the organized events I know they are like-minded and I feel connected with them. Even working in a friendly office environment in my previous job, I haven’t experienced such social belonging.

The power of community of like-minded like -minded
The power of the community of like-minded

I am singing my praises to Six Figure Mentors’ community in this blog post because today was such an inspiring meet up which was just what I needed. Meeting all these beautiful people, sharing stories and experience was priceless.

My message with this post is that it is so important to be surrounded by like-minded people in order to succeed in whatever you are trying to achieve. It makes the entrepreneurial path so much easier, fun and meaningful knowing that you have great support when you get stuck, when you hit the wall of your fears and doubts or feel overwhelmed. It is also an amazing feeling if you are able to help people to move forward and overcome hardships on their way.

I know that for me being a part of the community like SFM is already a success because the shift that has happened in my mindset would eventually bring me to my dream life.

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