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Why online business? Why with SFM?

Less than six months ago I decided to watch the ad which interrupted a few times my favorite Wayne Dyer’s Youtube video. I don’t remember what exactly grabbed my attention in this ad; maybe the message resonated with me, maybe I found the guy in the ad very sincere and likable, maybe it was a nice view on the background. Perhaps, a combination of all elements. I entered my email address to receive a free course of several videos that introduced me to the world of digital marketing and its opportunities in the modern economy.

I believe that the Universe opens the new doors up for us exactly at the right time when we are ready for it. I’ve been thinking a lot at that point in my life what was next for me. I didn’t want and actually couldn’t go back to the corporate job that I had. Why? That is a different story. This time I was searching for something completely different, something that would integrate with my new life circumstances.

After watching those videos I felt with my guts that this was what I’d been looking for. Of course, financial, time and geographical freedom that could be achieved by having an online business sound really attractive. However, my brain was very skeptical and afraid of scams. I had doubts about my abilities, I was very insecure and had a lot of fears about starting my own online business. From the videos, I found out that there was no risk of losing any money if I decide that this is not for me during the trial period, so I registered.

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While working in media previously, I saw how digital marketing started to overpower the traditional marketing. The digital economy plays a bigger role year by year in our everyday life; online shopping, online banking, paying bills online, etc. However, creating an online business was something completely unknown almost mysterious for me.

Now it is becoming my new reality thanks to the SFM educational platform. Its founder Stuart Ross calls the SFM (The Six Figure Mentors) an entrepreneurial incubator where people even without previous digital experience get training on how to succeed online.

The core skill in digital marketing is to generate leads and convert them to sales. Once you master this skill it can be applied to a great range of online business models whether it is e-commerce, affiliate marketing, consulting/coaching business or selling physical or non-physical products, etc.

SFM offers a step by step program which is specially designed for newbies in digital business who might have a day job and can start the online business on the side. The most important is to treat it as a real business, not just a hobby. That was exactly my situation. I didn’t have a clue about digital marketing and as a full-time mother I am limited with my time, but I was ready to commit.

Within few months I set up my own website, learned a lot about digital marketing from the educational platform and through a variety of different webinars led by professional successful marketers, joined a wonderful community of like-minded people. The most important for me is the transformational shift that happened with my mindset.  One of the main principles that SFM teaches is that the person has to be aligned with his/her passion and purpose in life. Money is a great measuring point of how successful the business is, but the most important is the impact that the business can bring to the community, to the world.

It is still a lot of work ahead for me, but I truly believe that work becomes effortless when you love what you do. SFM cutting-edge professional mentorship and coaching support me at every step of my way. It provides proven business models that I can start with to prove myself that I can make money online.

I have decided to start with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great model where you sell other people’s products by promoting them and getting the commission for every sale. You act as a middle man. The great thing is that with affiliate marketing you don’t have to invent or technically set up anything, take orders or take care of the payment system. All you have to do is to master the skill of getting the message in front of the right person at the right time. I promote SFM and DEA (Digital Experts Academy) products because I use them myself and believe in them.

There is so much information that you can find about setting up an online business. However, it is very easy to become overwhelmed with available information which often can be misleading or incorrect. I am very happy to be part of SFM because I trust their expertise and share the same values.

If you feel like the time has come to change your life, if you are seeking the transformation within yourself I offer you to watch the same videos that I watched half a year ago. You will decide for yourself whether it is the right path for you or not.

To request SFM videos press here.

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