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Work-Life balance for mums-entrepreneurs

Mothers who stay at home keep busy with housework and caring for children, but they may feel unfulfilled as a professional because no one appreciates what they do.  In addition, the job pays nothing, making it difficult for families to manage on only one income.

Fortunately, there is a great opportunity for a mother to have an online business that makes it possible to earn more for the family and keep her professional skills very relevant in nowadays digital economy. However, it is also possible to have a poor work-life balance as a mum-entrepreneur because working and caring for children at the same time can become difficult. Does it sound familiar? Here are some of the ways that I as a mum-entrepreneur suggest in order to have a healthy work-life balance.

Way 1: Have a Daily or Weekly Schedule

It is essential to have a daily and weekly schedule when you work from home so that you can remain organised. If you have toddlers who nap or older children who are dropped off somewhere else for activities, then you should use this time wisely to talk to customers or clients without any interruptions. When your children go to bed early, you have a few hours in the evening to work on the projects that concern your online business, but you may also want to use this time to have fun with a spouse.

Way 2: Organise Your Home 

Despite working from home, you will want to have a clean and organised environment. While you may have devoted several hours a day to vacuuming, mopping and dusting as a stay-at-home mother, after becoming a mum-entrepreneur, you will have less time for these activities. One of the first things that you should do is eliminate the clutter in a home to make it easier to keep clean. You should sort through everything in your home’s cupboards and closets to reduce the number of possessions that you have. Another very important thing is to have your own working space. It could be a little corner desk where you can have your laptop and work files. It makes it easier to focus on your online business while working at the designated area where you are less distracted.

Way 3: Plan Family Activities and Dates with Your Spouse

work-life balance
a date with your spouse

You should plan family activities such as walks at the park or visits to a zoo. In addition, to have a healthy work-life balance, you should arrange special one-on-one dates with your spouse. Use a calendar to plan your time so that your children can enjoy seasonal activities such as playing sports during the summer or going ice-skating during the winter. By doing this, you will make your family and personal relationships stronger. When you are a single mother, you should still make time to enjoy activities with friends or a significant other.

Way 4: Avoid Distractions That Will Waste Your Time

When you are at home working and caring for children, it is easy to become distracted. Avoid watching too much television while you are working on your online business. In addition, don’t get distracted by communicating with your friends and relatives on social media sites during your designated work time. Don’t spend your entire day checking your email for messages, and you should cancel subscriptions to email information that is no longer relevant for your new lifestyle.

Being your own boss while working from home has a lot of advantages including a sense of fulfillment and reward. It is a matter of finding that right balance between your life and your business, which makes the whole family winners.

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